Taekwondo, as I understand it, is a hybrid version of Karate, Kungfu and wrestling. I struggled for a while to distinguish it from Karate which I am a bit more familiar with. It's poomses (forms) are supposedly linked to events in nature such as fire, wind and water though I found it harder to make the connection. Later I realized it differs from Karate in high kicks, spinning kicks and self-defense techniques. It utilizes the speed to compensate for the lack of mass. In F=MA, increase in momentum (speed) or mass (size) can deliver the same force. Among martial art techniques, I would say, Taekwondo is the most popular.

Safety is also very important. In a promotional test, a student threw a back kick into the thumb of the person holding the board and it broke. If I throw a front kick without pointing the thumb upward, it can easily crack or bruise (I learned it in the hard way). There is a fine line between learning Taekwondo and learning it safely.

The acknowledgment for below videos goes to Grand Master Hwang from Master Hwang's Martial Arts (http://www.masterhwangs.com/). Grand Master Hwang (pictured to the right) is an amazingly talented, inspirational leader. He was twice the national middle weight martial arts champion in S. Korea, and the the head coach in Yale University's Taekwondo Team.


 1. Kicho Il Bu (White Belt 1)


Kicho Il Bu Video (click)

Kicho Il Bu Step by Step (PDF)


2. Kicho Ee Bu (White Belt 2)


Kicho Ee Bu Video (click and go towards the end of the video)

Kicho Ee Bu Step by Step (PDF)


3. Kicho Sam Bu (Yellow Belt 1)


Kicho Sam Bu Video (click)

Kicho Sam Bu Step by Step (PDF)


4. Palgwe Il Jang (Yellow Belt 2) 


Palgwe Il Jang Video (click)

Palge Il Jang Step by Step (PDF)


5. Palgwe Ee Jang (Green Belt 1)


Palgwe Ee Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Ee Jang Step by Step (PDF)


6. Palgwe Sam Jang (Green Belt 2)


Palgwe Sam Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Sam Jang Step by Step (PDF)


7. Palgwe Sah Jang (Blue Belt 1)


Palgwe Sah Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Sah Jang Step by Step (...in progress...)


8. Palgwe Oh Jang (Blue Belt 2)


Palgwe Oh Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Oh Jang Step by Step (...in progress...)


9. Palgwe Yuk Jang (Red Belt 1)


Palgwe Yuk Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Yuk Jang Step by Step (...in progress...)


10. Palgwe Chil Jang (Red Belt 2)


 Palgwe Chil Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Chil Jang Step by Step (...in progress...)


11. Palgwe Pal Jang (Red Belt 3)


Palgwe Pal Jang Video (click)

Palgwe Pal Jang Step by Step (...in progress...)


12. Koryo (Black Belt I form, Dan 1)


Koryo Video (click)


13. Keumgang (Black Belt II form, Dan 2)


Keumgang Video (click)


14. Tae Baek (Black Belt III form, Dan 3)


Tae Baek Video (...in progress...)