Unlike music, the love for drawing and painting was natural. Still, looking at the living room wall in my house, I can see the massive train I drew across it when I was may be 4 years old. Several years later when the walls ran out space came a private tutor, Mr. Kappetipola. We drew weekly for several years, sending drawings to international art competitions and collecting pieces for exhibitions. At last, there was a silver award from Shankar's in India for a painting of a "village fair" using tube colors on paper (below), then Mr. Kappetipola got sick. The cancer took him very quickly in a matter of months, and put an end to the drawings. I was so sad and gave it up to honor him. That was my argument, not my lethargy. My son may be a better artist than anyone in my extended family, I think, except may be the eldest daughter of my sister-in-law. Unfortunately, he has no interest in pursuing it. Painting is similar to engineering process that you produce something of your own by using your imagination. After spending most of my adult time in universities ("Higher Ed Lifer"), I strongly recommend painting for students who are interested in pursuing careers in engineering, science, architecture and design in short STEM.